Cancellations and Schedule Changes

From time to time, flights that you have booked will need to be changed or cancelled for reasons like weather, operational issues, air traffic restrictions or technical difficulties. If this happens you will receive a communication from us detailing your options.

Aer Lingus rescheduled my flight

If we make a change to your scheduled booking, you will receive an email and/or SMS detailing your new itinerary and your options.

What if I booked through a third-party?

If you booked through a third-party (travel or online agent, or another airline), we will notify the original sales agent of the change to your itinerary.


Aer Lingus cancelled my flight

Sometimes we may need to cancel a flight. Subject to availability, we will rebook you onto the next available flight. Where this is not available, or the new itinerary is not suitable, you have the following options:

Options if flight cancelled

1. Change your flight (if your booking was made on or on our app)

Go to Manage Trip to change your flight using your booking reference number.

Change flight

Subject to availability of the flight concerned and provided your itinerary does not include a connecting flight.

2. Request a voucher or cash refund

Request Voucher Refund

Learn more about vouchers and their terms and conditions. Aer Credit Card and Chase Companion fares are not eligible for vouchers. Email us to reinstate or reschedule this benefit.


Request Cash Refund

What if I booked through a third-party?

If you booked via a third party (such as a travel or online agent, or another airline) you should contact them directly.

See full details of your rights under EU Regulation 261/2004 in the event that your flight is cancelled.

3. Contact us if you have a connecting flight, or you booked another way

Contact us

If you cannot rebook online, or your itinerary includes a connecting flight, please contact us to discuss your options. Please note that a fare difference may apply to any new flights.



I want to cancel my flight

Find out what options you have if you decide not to fly.

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