Taxes, Fees & Charges

Government Taxes and Airport Charges


Taxes, fees and charges


You must pay applicable taxes, fees and charges imposed by government or other authority, or by the operator of an airport. These taxes, fees and charges vary by country and by airport. In relation to airport charges, these relate to all charges levied by an airport in respect of the arrival and departure of passengers together with the landing, parking, or taking off of aircraft. They include the per passenger fee imposed by airport authorities in relation to each departing passenger.

If you do not use your confirmed reservation, you will be entitled to claim a refund of any government taxes, fees and charges (excluding the fuel surcharge if applicable) which you have paid. An administration fee will apply except for bookings originating in the USA. For flights originating in France, no administration fee will apply provided you claim any refund of taxes, fees and charges online here, otherwise a service charge not exceeding 20% of the amount of the refund will be applied.


September 11th security fee


In addition to other government taxes and fees described above, you must pay a $5.60 September 11th security fee for each enplanement at a US airport, which is levied by airports in the USA, for flights departing the USA. This fee is included in the Taxes and charges amount.


Carrier Imposed Surcharges


Insurance, security and emissions surcharge


Aer Lingus adds a passenger surcharge on all bookings to cover insurance, security and emissions trading costs. This surcharge applies per flight segment, as detailed below, to all passengers including children and infants.


Ex-Ireland €6.89 per flight
Ex-North America $6.37 per flight
Ex-UK £5.10 per flight


Fuel surcharge


A carrier fuel surcharge is applicable to transatlantic flights to/from North America and other long haul destinations from Ireland and other European countries. This surcharge applies per flight, as detailed below, to all passengers.

The fuel surcharge is subject to the terms and conditions of the fare purchased.


Each-way per passenger or equivalent Economy Cabin Business Cabin
Dublin - Boston/Hartford/New York/Newark/Philadelphia/Washington D.C €73 / £68 / $105 €115 / £110 / $153
Shannon - Boston/New York €73 / £68 / $105 €115 / £110 / $153
Dublin - Toronto €73 / £68 / $135CAD €115 / £110 / $200CAD
Dublin - Chicago/Orlando/Miami/Minneapolis-St.Paul €83 / £78 / $125 €125 / £120 / $173
Dublin - Los Angeles/San Francisco/Seattle €93 / £88 / $135 €135 / £130 / $183
Other US routes (UA / B6 codeshare) €93 / £88 / $135 €135 / £130 / $183
Other Canada routes (AC codeshare) €93 / £88 / $175CAD €135 / £130 / $240CAD