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Cheap flights from Chicago to Berlin

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    Cheap flights from Chicago to Berlin

    Fly from Chicago to Germanys capital city, Berlin. One of Europe's coolest cities, Berlin is an amazing experience that every traveller should see.

    How do you find the cheapest flights from Chicago to Berlin with Aer Lingus

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    What to do in Berlin?

    Berlin is a sprawling metropolis where everything you could possibly want from a trip is possible. The city has countless amazing museums, it's historically rich, has an incredible food scene and an even more incredible nightlife. The question is not what to do, but how to fit it all in.

    Must see attractions in Berlin

    Brandenburg Gate: As iconic as any of Europe's monuments, if you haven't been to Berlin before then the Brandenburg Gate is a must see. Built in the 18th century, it is a symbol of the separation between East and West Berlin.

    Museum Island: awarded UNESCO world heritage site status, this picturesque series of museums is located at the centre of the Spree river. One of the most beautiful places to go in Berlin you could easily spend a day there.

    Checkpoint Charlie: A must see for any history fan. After World War 2, this famous crossing point was the boarder between East and West Germany. Now a days you can have your photo taken, a fun memento to take home with you from Berlin.

    Go Clubbing: Although it might not be for everyone, Berlin may have the best nightclub scene in Europe. There are an endless number of bars to choose from with some of the worlds most famous DJs playing regularly. Worthwhile checking out, even just for a couple of hours

    How to track your flight from Chicago to Berlin with Aer Lingus?

    You can stay up to date with your flight information in two locations:
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    Weather in Berlin

    Monday light rain
    23°C 4 Jul 2022
    Tuesday few clouds
    25°C 5 Jul 2022
    Wednesday broken clouds
    21°C 6 Jul 2022
    Thursday light rain
    19°C 7 Jul 2022
    Friday scattered clouds
    22°C 8 Jul 2022
    Saturday light rain
    18°C 9 Jul 2022
    Sunday broken clouds
    21°C 10 Jul 2022
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