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    Flights from Dublin to Santorini

    Our summer flights to Santorini take off from Dublin on 01 May 2021. Book now and look forward to a fabulous break in Greece.

    Why fly to Santorini with Aer Lingus

    We offer free changes on all fights, all summer long. Book your trip to Santorini with confidence. Enjoy a safe flight from Dublin with our award-winning service.

    How long is the flight from Dublin (DUB) to Santorini (JTR)

    It takes around 4 hours 25 minutes to get from Dublin to Santorini. Rest assured we will give you a warm Irish welcome and look after you on board. Sit back and enjoy a comfortable journey with Aer Lingus.

    Things to do and places to see in Santorini

    Santorini is one of the most popular and recognisable places to see in Greece. A beautiful, volcanic island - it is simply stunning with its white buildings popping in the sunshine and contrasting with the blue sea. Santorini is located approximately halfway between Athens and Crete and it is a MUST visit place when in Greece. Luckily you can now get there directly from Dublin. We have listed our top 3 places to see in Santorini below:

    Red Beach : Because of its volcanic origin, Santorini has the most unique sands and beaches. The Red Beach, as the name suggests, has glorious red sand! Together with the almost amber colour of the sea, it creates an amazing picture. Worth a trip for sure.

    Caldera towns: The famous "white houses" at the slope of the hill calls for a long walk with many stops for admiring the beautiful scenery, local shops and the unique shapes of the houses. Make sure you wear good hiking trainers and have plenty of water with you.

    Fira to Oia hike: This is another fabulous hiking experience in the sun. It is a path between the towns of Fira and Oia stretching for over 10km. It offers spectacular scenery. The hike can be a little challenging, but it's well worth it.

    How to get from Santorini airport to your hotel or any nearby town

    The island is small so transfers from the airport to any hotel or location within the island are easy. There is a bus (if you are prepared to wait for it)! A quicker option is a taxi - you'll reach anywhere on the Island within 25 minutes maximum. Depending on where you are going exactly, it will not cost you more than €30. Enjoy!

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