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    Flights from Dublin to Berlin

    Aer Lingus operates the Dublin (DUB) - Berlin (BER) route twice a day. Choose between early morning flights, usually departing from Dublin at 06:50 in the morning or late afternoon, usually at 17:40.

    Why fly to Berlin with Aer Lingus

    We know that travel needs to be flexible at the moment so we've got lots of ways to make sure you can change your plans easily.

    How long is the flight from Dublin to Berlin

    The total flight duration from Dublin to Berlin is 2 hours 30 minutes. During the flight, our cabin crew will ensure your journey is safe and comfortable. Sit back and enjoy our service, great food and in-flight entertainment.

    Things to do and places to see in Berlin

    Completely flattened by British and US bombers during the war and then divided in half by Soviet and Western forces, Berlin has its story to tell for sure. Despite the hardship of the last 100 years, Berlin is a fantastic place to visit. For those who like history we have shortlisted the below:

    Reichstag building : This famous parliament building is a fabulous place to walk around and soak up history. The building has a glass dome, which is a symbol of transparency of the city. Entry is free but make sure you get there early or book your ticket in advance to avoid the queues.

    Brandenburg Gate: This neoclassical, iconic monument stood its ground through the turbulence of wars and political division. It's a symbolic landmark and well worth a look

    TV Tower Berlin: Berlin also has plenty of modern attractions. Berlin TV tower also called Fernsehturm Berlin is the highest building in town and has a spectacular view of the city. The tower has a viewing point, restaurant and cocktail bar. Entry is around €22.

    How to get from Berlin airport to the city centre

    Berlin [BER] airport is located in the south-east and around 27Km from the city centre. There are a number of transfer options available to you just outside your arrival terminal:

    Train: Express trains FEX, RE7 and RB14 run every 30 minutes. They will get you from Terminal 1 & 2 to town for around €4

    Taxi & Uber: both options are available at the airport. The fare for the trip to the city would come in around €50 for the Taxi and a bit less for the Uber option

    Bus: X71 is a bus service between the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (Terminal 1-2 and Terminal 5) to some locations in town where you can catch the metro.

    Metro: The S-Bahn metro connects the city centre with the Berlin airport. It's a fast and easy way of getting to town.

    How to track your flight from Dublin to Berlin with Aer Lingus

    You can stay up to date with your flight information in two locations:

    1. Flight disruption information:
    2. Live Flight Information:

    Weather in Berlin

    Friday scattered clouds
    23°C 23 Jul 2021
    Saturday sky is clear
    28°C 24 Jul 2021
    Sunday light rain
    24°C 25 Jul 2021
    Monday light rain
    28°C 26 Jul 2021
    Tuesday light rain
    28°C 27 Jul 2021
    Wednesday scattered clouds
    27°C 28 Jul 2021
    Thursday few clouds
    29°C 29 Jul 2021
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