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    Flights from Orlando to Rome

    Aer Lingus offers regular service between Orlando and Rome. Fly from Orlando to Rome with Aer Lingus and look forward to an Irish welcome on board.

    What is Our Flexible Booking Policy?

    We know that travel needs to be flexible at the moment so we've got lots of ways to make sure you can change your plans easily. New options to keep your flights flexible include free, unlimited changes, guaranteed voucher and cash refund.

    Why fly to Rome with Aer Lingus

    Book your flight to Rome with Aer Lingus and enjoy a complimentary in-flight meal and our in-flight entertainment system. We've also introduced new, enhanced cleaning procedures and air filtering systems. Enjoy a safe and convenient flight and a warm Irish welcome on board.

    How long is the flight from Orlando to Rome?

    The total flight time from Orlando to Rome is approximately 11 hours and 50 minutes. The total distance is 5113 miles/8228 km.

    Things to do and places to see in Rome

    The great capital of modern Italy needs no introduction. The historic city offers a wide range of ancient monuments, buildings and iconic sites going back to Roman Empire times. On top of that you can't beat the Italian food, coffee and sunny weather. There are plenty of things to see and try. Our top sites are listed below:

    Roman Forum Ruins:: It's a massive archaeological site first erected 500 BC by Julius Caesar. Today you can see remaining elements of marble fragments, triumphal arches and temple ruins from various time periods. We recommend researching before you visit or get a guide when strolling through the site.

    Colosseum: We all know about the famous Colosseum, the most iconic symbols of Rome and the Rome Empire. The famous building once held games, gladiator fights and other entertainment for citizens of Rome. Today it still stands proudly attracting over 4 million visitors every year. The site is jam-packed so buy your ticket in advance and be prepared for queues at the entrance.

    Vatican: It's the smallest country in the world and home for the Pope. Take time exploring a massing palace full of ancient paintings, sculptures and history. You will be amazed by its charm and feel of ancient times. Don't' forget to visit St. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel to admire the best of Michelangelo's work

    How to get from Rome airport to the city centre?

    Rome (FCO) airport is located around 32km from the city centre. It takes anything between 30 min to 1 hour to get to the city centre. There are many choices available to you:

    Taxi & Uber: This is the fastest way to get to town but there is a risk of getting stuck in rush hour traffic. The fare is around €48. Uber also operates at the airport and it is slightly cheaper.

    Trains: This is an easy and fast way of getting to the city centre. It costs €8 and takes around 30 minutes. The trains run every 15 minutes.

    Bus: Buses are a bit messy. There is no direct connection between the airport and the city centre. For those who land in Rome for the first time, we recommend staying away from this option. If you do decide to use the bus beware of pickpockets both on the bus and around the bus stations.

    Do I need a Visa to visit Rome?

    If you're a U.S. citizen, a valid passport is required for travel to all E.U. member states. A visa, however, it is not required for either tourist or business stays. You'll also need to comply with all government travel requirements. Please view specific documentation requirements on the U.S. Department of State's website. U.S. citizens don't require transit visas to connect through Ireland into Europe. For citizens of all other countries travelling from the U.S., requirements vary. It's your own personal responsibility to ensure you're in compliance with all relevant requirements, and you're advised to check with the consulate for the correct information.

    How to track your flight from Orlando to Rome with Aer Lingus?

    You can stay up to date with your flight information in two locations:

    1. Flight disruption information:
    2. Live Flight Information:

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    Weather in Rome

    Thursday overcast clouds
    21°C 6 Oct 2022
    Friday overcast clouds
    24°C 7 Oct 2022
    Saturday overcast clouds
    23°C 8 Oct 2022
    Sunday light rain
    22°C 9 Oct 2022
    Monday light rain
    21°C 10 Oct 2022
    Tuesday sky is clear
    21°C 11 Oct 2022
    Wednesday overcast clouds
    22°C 12 Oct 2022
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