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    Manchester to Miami Flights

    A highly popular vacation spot, Miami offers something for everyone. Located in south Florida Miami is famous for its vibrant nightlife, beautiful hotels and (of course) wonderful beaches. But it is not all party, Miami also has a lively culture scene with some incredible art deco works. The shopping opportunities are also endless, it really is one of the world’s best places to take a holiday.

    What is the best month to go to Miami?

    Miami is seasonally unique in that the high season is in Winter. From December to the end of February temperatures range in the 20s with low humidity and little rain. It’s perfect for winter sun break and visitors from all over the US (and world) come to enjoy it. Spring is usually a bit warmer with temperatures going into the 30s, there is more chance of rain though and there is one other thing to consider.... spring break. College kids come in swarms throughout spring. Summer is hot, humid, and wet in Miami and tends to be a low season.

    How far is Miami from Manchester?

    Flight time is usually around 12 hours via Dublin, it is approximately 4,324 miles (6,960 km) to Miami from Manchester. But with our excellent on flight entertainment you can sit back and relax, plus with pre-clearance in Dublin you can land in Miami like a local, with no need to go through customs.

    Miami International Airport Transportation

    Miami International Airport (MIA) offers several options to get out of the airport and down to the beach.

    Metrorail: departs every 15-30 mins (depending in the day) and will bring you to downtown Miami amongst a host of other destinations.

    Taxi (and Rideshare): Taxis are available directly outside the baggage collection area and are the most popular transport option. A taxi to downtown will cost around $30, while a taxi to South beach will cost around $21.

    MetroBus: are also a popular option and run roughly every 30 mins from 6am to 11pm.

    How many days do you need in Miami?

    The minimum you want to stay is 3 days, if you really want to get a feel for the area 7 days would be recommended. If you are looking to seriously relax and enjoy yourself with beaches and rooftop cocktails, then stay more than 10 days. It is a wonderful place to take a vacation that will make you feel like you have been away for months.

    Do I need a Visa?

    You won't need a Visa (if you are a British or European citizen), but you will need to complete an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). It's easy to apply for one online but be sure to have it completed at least 72 hours before your trip or you could be denied entry. An ESTA costs $14.


    No matter where you go in the US you will need to tip. It is customary to tip around 15%-20%, this is true of almost all services including bars, taxis and restaurant servers. And it is not just in the movies, hotel staff will expect a couple of dollars as well.

    Weather in Miami

    Monday light rain
    31°C 27 Jun 2022
    Tuesday light rain
    30°C 28 Jun 2022
    Wednesday moderate rain
    30°C 29 Jun 2022
    Thursday light rain
    31°C 30 Jun 2022
    Friday light rain
    30°C 1 Jul 2022
    Saturday light rain
    30°C 2 Jul 2022
    Sunday light rain
    30°C 3 Jul 2022
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