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Cheap flights from London to San Francisco

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    London to San Francisco

    Date: 15 Oct 2022-

    29 Oct 2022


    *Each way fare as part of a return trip including taxes and charges.


    London to San Francisco

    Date: 22 Oct 2022-

    29 Oct 2022


    *Each way fare as part of a return trip including taxes and charges.

    *Roundtrip Restrictions apply.
    Each way fare as part of a return trip including taxes and charges.
    One way fare including taxes and charges.

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    London to San Francisco Flights

    Aer Lingus operate multiple daily flights from London to San Francisco. With one stop over in Dublin, where you will go through pre-clearance, saving loads of time when you arrive in the US!

    How to get from San Francisco Airport to Downtown

    There are three ways to get to Downtown and Union Square (the city centre); metro, bus or taxi.

    Metro: the best option is to get the Metro directly from San Francisco Airport. The BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport) is a convenient and affordable way to get to the city centre. It takes around 27mins and cost around $10

    Taxi: the next best option to Downtown Union Square is to catch a cab. This will cost around $60 and takes about 35 mins. Taxis are metered so you pay the fare upon arrival.

    Bus: is probably best to avoid the bus if you can. While it is cheaper than the other options (around $2) it takes significantly longer (around 75 mins) and bus frequency is much lower than the metro. From San Francisco International Airport you can either get the 292 or 398.

    How long is the flight from UK to San Francisco?

    Flight time is usually around 11 hours, it is approximately 5,331 miles (8,612 km) to San Francisco from London. But with our excellent on flight entertainment you can sit back and relax, plus with pre-clearance in Dublin you can land in San Fran like a local.

    How many days do you need in San Francisco?

    In 3-4 days, you could see some amazing sites like: Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Golden Gate Park, Lombard street plus a host of amazing museums. A lot of San Francisco’s charm is just being in the city. You cross over that big red bridge, through the famous fog and into a world of techies, hippies and hipsters. The city has an amazing food scene that you will not have to spend and arm and a leg on...most of the best stuff comes from the food trucks!

    What are the best months to visit San Francisco?

    The high tourists’ months are during the summer with July and August being the high season. The Fog can actually keep the temperature quite cool in these months and it often lifts more in the Autumn months September and October. There are usually fewer crowds then as well.

    Do I need a Visa?

    You will not need a Visa (if you are a British or European citizen), but you will need to complete an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). It's easy to apply for one online but be sure to have it completed at least 72 hours before your trip or you could be denied entry. An ESTA costs $14.


    No matter where you go in the US you will need to tip. It is customary to tip around 15%-20%, this is true of almost all services including bars, taxis and restaurant servers. And it is not just in the movies, hotel staff will expect a couple of dollars as well.

    Weather in San Francisco

    Saturday few clouds
    19°C 13 Aug 2022
    Sunday few clouds
    20°C 14 Aug 2022
    Monday sky is clear
    21°C 15 Aug 2022
    Tuesday few clouds
    22°C 16 Aug 2022
    Wednesday few clouds
    21°C 17 Aug 2022
    Thursday sky is clear
    19°C 18 Aug 2022
    Friday few clouds
    18°C 19 Aug 2022
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