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Aer Lingus offers a fast connection to Naples. Fly to Naples with Aer Lingus and look forward to an Irish welcome on board.

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Book your flight to Naples with Aer Lingus and enjoy a complimentary in-flight meal and our in-flight entertainment system. We've also introduced new, enhanced cleaning procedures and air filtering systems. Enjoy a safe and convenient flight and a warm Irish welcome on board.

Things to do and places to see in Naples

Naples (Napoli, in Italian) is worldly famous for the pizza vera napoletana, the mother of all pizzas, considered one of the most traditional (and tastiest!) pizzas in the world. But it is so much more: it is a beautiful Italian city which overlooks the sea, unique in its genre, non-conventional, alternative and artistic.

Spaccanapoli : The street called Spaccanapoli, or "Via San Biagio" is the main street that divides Naples historic center and it has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site. Begin in the Piazza del Gesù Nuovo and discover the traditional pizzerias and pastry shops, as well as some of the best monuments and churches in the city.

Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii ruins: Mt. Vesuvius, known for covering Pompeii with ash, rock and lava 2,000 years ago, sits just 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Naples. Tour buses can take you directly to the car parking lot, at the entrance of the site, or for those who prefer to travel more independently all it takes is a short train trip and a bus.

Neapolitan cuisine: Do yourself a favour and try everything you can from typical dishes such as the ragù (beef stew), the Neapolitan genovese (meaty sauce), the pasta with potatoes and provola cheese, the spaghetti with seafood and so many others - which cannot end with one of the excellent typical pastries such as the "babà" (spongy cake with rum) or the "sfogliatella".

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

The airport is 7km from the city centre. Best and quickest way is to take a taxi - it takes around 15 minutes and can cost between 15-20 Euro. Taxi lane is located in front of arrivals. There is also the Alibus Shuttle, a fast connecting bus line between Capodichino Airport and the City Centre, costing 5 Euro.

Do I need a Visa to visit Naples?

Visas to Italy depend on your nationality and the length/purpose of your stay. For more information please visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy.

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