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Aer Lingus offers a fast connection to Lisbon. Fly to Lisbon with Aer Lingus and look forward to an Irish welcome on board.

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Book your flight to Lisbon with Aer Lingus and enjoy a complimentary in-flight meal and our in-flight entertainment system. We've also introduced new, enhanced cleaning procedures and air filtering systems. Enjoy a safe and convenient flight and a warm Irish welcome on board.

Things to do and places to see in Lisbon

Portugal's capital is home to a lot of history and cultural activities, an excellent gastronomy (especially sweets!) and - in a place where the sun shines almost every day all year long - several exquisite beaches to enjoy.

Beach time: Divided into three stretches along the coast, Lisbon beaches are something not to be missed. From the most urban scenario along the Linha de Cascais to the multicultural Costa da Caparica, the remote and crystal-clear beaches of Arrábida, and the mysterious sands of Sintra, there is no lack of seaside areas to enjoy the sun and the sea.

All about food and drink: Portuguese world-famous Bacalhau (a type of salted codfish) is far from being the only delicacy that comes from these shores. Lisbon is particularly famous, by the way, for its padarias (bakeries), that create marvelous pastries and sweets like the pastel de nata sprinkled with cinnamon. To drink, don't forget that Portugal is also home for some of the best - and also not that much expensive - wines.

Dance the Fado: The sound of the Portuguese traditional Fado music was born amongst Lisbon's traditional quarters and it can be found in bars and clubs all around the city. Fado (which comes from the Latin word for "fate") songs portray the dramas of the everyday man and woman, with strong emotions such as love, heartbreak, betrayal, jealousy, revenge and tragedy being frequent themes in its lyrics.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

Lisbon airport is not distant from the city, located at about only 20 minutes distance depending on your chosen transportation, and a trip can cost you from €2 to €20. It is well-served by public transportation such as taxis, buses and a metro station.

Taxi: You can always find a taxi at the airport, normally queueing outside the departures and arrivals terminals. As the city centre is very close by, taxis are a rather affordable transportation option, even with the luggage and/or pet fees that may be charged separately by the driver. Depending on traffic, the journey to the city centre is quick, costing between 10 and 15 euros, including baggage fees.

Bus: Several bus lines from the Carris (the bus network) stop at the airport arrivals terminal, taking you to different parts of the city. You can purchase an electronic travel card (€0,50), which you can then top up with balance for your journeys and can be used both for the Metro and for Carris (bus network). You can also pay your fare on-board, which will cost €1.80 for a one-way trip.

Metro: The Lisbon Airport has a Metro (subway) station with a direct line to the city centre. The 'Aeroporto - Saldanha' line takes you to downtown Lisbon in about 20 minutes and the fare (using the electronic travel card) is €1,45.

Do I need a Visa to visit Lisbon?

If you're a U.S. citizen, a valid passport is required for travel to all E.U. member states. A visa, however, is not required for either tourist or business stays. You'll also need to comply with all government travel requirements. Please view specific documentation requirements on the U.S. Department of State's website. U.S. citizens don't require transit visas to connect through Ireland into Europe. For citizens of all other countries travelling from the U.S requirements vary.

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