An International Women’s Day message from our CFO

As a company, Aer Lingus is committed to attracting a wide breadth of talent. This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating our diverse female talent across the business as well as our female guests.

Rachel Izzard
Rachel Izzard, Chief Financial Officer

At Aer Lingus, we’re committed to supporting female talent across our airline. Last year we launched the Future Pilot Programme and the Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Apprentice Scheme, which both sought to attract more female talent. We have a strong track record of supporting female pilots, having been the first airline in Europe to employ a female pilot. We currently employ twice as many female pilots as the international airline industry average.

Women now make up 48 percent of all our employees and 33 percent of all leadership roles, carrying out important job functions across all areas of the airline including cabin crew, engineers, flight dispatchers, check-in and boarding teams, planners, IT, marketing, communications, finance, and logistics specialists to name a few.

As the Executive sponsor of LIFT, the Aer Lingus Women’s Network (Let’s Inspire Female Talent), I’m proud of our commitment to fostering female talent. The LIFT network has been an important catalyst to recognise, enable and support the career progression of women in Aer Lingus over the last number of years, through ongoing workshops, panel discussions, networking and mentoring programmes.

Within Aer Lingus we are marking International Women’s Day with a number of events and initiatives throughout the week including, a talk by motivational speaker and former RAF pilot, Mandy Hickson, inviting staff members to bring their daughters to work for a day to get a flavour of the varied career opportunities available in the airline business to young women starting out in their careers, and facilitating a working parent workshop.

International Women's Day Flight Deck

We are celebrating International Women’s Day this Friday 8th March, by offering Priority Boarding to all female guests and any junior travelling companions, departing on some 120 flights to the UK and Europe from Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Knock and Belfast, to recognise the achievements of women and promote greater gender equality.

– Rachel Izzard is Chief Financial Officer of Aer Lingus and is also the executive sponsor of LIFT (Let’s Inspire Female Talent) the Aer Lingus women’s network that supports female talent across the business.

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