We’ve partnered with the Irish Girl Guides

Great news! We’ve partnered up with the Irish Girl Guides to create the brand new ‘Aviation Badge’. The badge aims to engage girls from a young age with all things aviation, by building interest for future study in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects and encouraging them to consider future aviation careers.

Irish Girl Guides has approximately 12,000 members in Ireland. The partnership will provide a structured introduction to aviation with the creation of three Aviation badges, one for each level of Girl Guide: Ladybirds (aged 5 – 7); Brownies (aged 7 -10); and Guides (aged 10-14).

We’ve developed a bespoke, age-appropriate curriculum with the help of the Irish Girl Guides. Ladybirds will colour in a picture of an aircraft and make an object that flies such as a paper plane or kite. Brownies are required to research different careers linked with aviation and air transportation, investigate innovative women in the history of aviation and learn the phonetic language of Aviation. Girl Guides must research the pilot profession, including what education and skills are required; put their engineering skills to the test by creating their own aircraft experiments and challenge them to think of things that fly and how.

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We’ve a strong track record of supporting female pilots: we were the first airline in Europe to employ a female pilot, and currently, we employ twice as many female pilots when compared with the international airline industry average. We’re making a concerted effort to encourage a greater number of women to apply for roles that have traditionally been male-dominated via the Aer Lingus Future Pilot Programme, the Aer Lingus Apprenticeship Scheme as well as opportunities in airline operations.

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