Applications are open for our Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Apprenticeship

“It’s at night time that the line maintenance operation really comes to life. At about 10pm, the massive hanger area is buzzing. Many of the aircraft engineers working here trained with us as apprentices, and they really are at the cutting edge when it comes to aircraft maintenance and innovation.”

The words of one of the engineers that works on maintaining our modern fleet of 47 Airbus aircraft to the very highest of international standards for safety and performance. From July 4th to 20th applications are open for the 2014 Aer Lingus Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Apprenticeship. We’re looking for enthusiastic people from all backgrounds with the right attitude and ambition to join us as apprentices in this fast-paced and valued programme.

Hangar 6

Dominic Ryan, Director of Maintenance & Engineering at Aer Lingus, has some advice for would-be apprentices:

What can an apprentice expect to be working on in the coming years?

The initial year will be mostly academic, with training on basic hand skills within the college environment. Later apprentices can expect to become more involved in operational work in the live environment of line and hangar maintenance. This will include being part of the maintenance team working on the aircraft.

Once qualified, what are career prospects like for an aircraft mechanic?

The qualification is a great door-opener. There are many opportunities available to aircraft engineers who wish to work on aircraft both in Ireland and abroad, and also within management, within leasing companies and across many other industries. Many of our former apprentices have gone on to enjoy long careers in Aer Lingus Maintenance and Engineering but others have founded their own aviation-related businesses, others have become pilots. Our Chief Operating Officer started his Aer Lingus career as an apprentice aircraft mechanic as have many others who have gone on to very senior roles. I even started as an apprentice myself!

What are the biggest challenges apprentices will be faced with while undergoing training?

The four-year apprenticeship consists of a five-phase curriculum which includes numerous portfolios. Keeping up-to-date with the completion of relevant tests on-time requires a strict self-discipline. The biggest challenge will be around the training and testing regime and the requirement to gain EASA licences. This challenge will continue throughout an engineer’s career as aircraft types and technologies constantly change.

What is it like working as part of the bigger Aer Lingus M&E team?

The Aer Lingus M&E team are a very professional and proactive group. We work to extremely high standards on a daily basis and we’re dedicated to the provision of the highest levels of safety and reliability within our fleet. We’re constantly looking at opportunities to drive operational change and efficiencies through the application of lean methodologies and I think we’re very innovative in our approach to such changes.

If this sounds like the opportunity you’ve been looking for, visit our careers website to learn more and apply online. The closing date for applications is Sunday 20 July.