Aer Lingus Engineer in World Record Attempt

Three Irish skydivers including our very own Stephen Duffy will attempt a world record jump from 33,000 feet in California.

*Disclaimer: We recommend remaining inside the aircraft at all times when travelling at 33,000 feet. ?

Stephen Duffy Irish Wingsuit Team

This week the Irish Wingsuit team will attempt to break several world records in wingsuit performance flight. The team includes our very own Stephen Duffy. Stephen has worked within our Maintenance and Engineering team for over four years. He is a Technical Shift Supervisor within our Line Maintenace Department and specialises on aircraft Avionics. For the uninitiated, the avionics of an aircraft is responsible for the communications and navigation of a plane.

The rest of the team is made up of Stephen’s brother David Duffy and Marc Daly. The three will jump from a specialised plane at 33,000 feet using custom-made wingsuits and specialised life support systems including oxygen. Jumping with oxygen is necessary at such heights but also adds extra complexity to the world record attempt. The team will require a pre-breathing period of about 40 minutes prior to the jump where the jumper breathes 100% oxygen in order to prepare their bodies for the harsh conditions.

Unlike a skydive where the jumper is continuously descending. Once the team have exited the aircraft they hope to stay as high as possible in order to travel 26 kilometres. Achieving that would give them the world record for distance travelled.

Irish Wingsuit Team with Iolar

The team already have their sights set on the next jump. In September 2018 they plan on flying from Northern Ireland across the Irish Sea to Scotland.

We wish Stephen and his team the very best in California.