Aer Lingus in partnership with VeriFLY

We've partnered with VeriFLY, a trusted travel pass app that allows you to upload your travel documents and have them checked and verified before you fly.

Applicable Routes

VeriFLY can be used on the following routes:

  • Flights within Europe: To/from Ireland and Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland.
  • UK to Ireland flights: From Birmingham | Bristol | Edinburgh | Glasgow | London Gatwick | London Heathrow | Manchester to Ireland.
    VeriFLY is not available on flights from Ireland to the UK.
  • Transatlantic flights: To/from Ireland and the USA | To/from the UK and the USA | To/from the UK and Barbados.

If VeriFLY is not available on your route, you must complete all required travel documentation before you arrive at the airport and have original copies available to present to airport staff.

Download VeriFLY

Verifly is available to download for both Apple and Android devices.

Download from the App Store

Install VeriFLY for iOS or view more information about the app

IOS app from the App store

Download from the Google Play Store

Install VeriFLY for Android or view more information about the app

Android app on Google Play

Please note that on flights to Ireland, to and from the USA, and to other selected countries in Europe, you cannot check in online unless you have completed the VeriFLY process. If you are travelling on a connecting flight or transferring, you need to complete VeriFLY for both legs of your trip.

Download the VeriFLY app

Step 1
Download the VeriFLY app

Create a secure account and add
your flight details to see the travel

Upload your documents

Step 2
Upload your documents

VeriFLY will check and approve the travel documents you upload
before your fly

Approved for travel

Step 3
Approved for travel

Receive a green approval tick and check in online. Present this at the airport for an easier journey.

VeriFLY is a secure travel pass app provided by Daon. VeriFLY will guide you through the travel requirements for the country you a travelling to. Simply upload the required travel documents and VeriFLY will verify them before you fly. You can find out more information about VeriFLY or download the app here:

VeriFLY will check your travel document uploads and confirm if they are valid for travel. This will allow you to use a dedicated VeriFLY lane at the airport to avoid lengthy queues. It's also free to download and easy to use.

If you don't use VeriFLY, you will be required to show your travel documents at the airport and they will be verified for you at the check-in desk or boarding gate. This may result in long queues and delays as you move through the airport.

On flights to the USA, you cannot check in online unless you have completed the VeriFLY process.

We recommend that you upload your documents no later than 4 hours before your scheduled flight departure time. This will allow enough time for your travel documents to be checked and verified.

Install VeriFLY using our QR code

Scan the following QR code with your smartphone to download the app now

Download the VeriFLY app

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*Terms and Conditions
The VeriFLY App is completely independent of Aer Lingus and you are submitting your information directly to Daon (acting as the data controller), please check Daon's privacy policy and terms and conditions. In relation to the US attestation and associated metadata only that information is collected by Daon (acting as data processor) on behalf of Aer Lingus and is subject to Aer Lingus' privacy statement. Aer Lingus will not share your booking information with VeriFLY. You remain subject to Aer Lingus' Conditions of Carriage which are applicable to your booking, including in relation to denied boarding for failure to meet country entry requirements.