Special Items

If you have got a special item to carry on board, we'll do everything we can to accommodate you. From baby strollers to wedding dresses, sports trophies and crystal glass - don't worry; we've handled it all before!
The collection points for push-chairs/strollers will differ by destination. Due to safety requirements and restrictions at some airports, it is not always possible to collect push-chairs/strollers at the aircraft door.
If the push-chair/stroller is checked in at a check-in desk it will only be available on the baggage belt at your destination. If the push-chair/stroller is handed in at the boarding gate it can be collected at the applicable collection point at your destination.
Should you have a query regarding the collection of your push-chair/stroller prior to your departure, our customer service agents at the airport or indeed our cabin crew will be happy to advise you on local handling procedures for buggy delivery at your destination.
The following items do not require prior approval for travel. Normal cabin/checked baggage rules apply. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure they are packed carefully in order to prevent damage.

*except for those powered by gasoline or flammable fuels

Passengers are required to provide a minimum of 48 hours notice of their intention to travel with medical equipment or medical items. Please see our Special Assistance section or contact our Special Assistance department for more details.
To minimise any unnecessary distress to you while you’re grieving, we strongly recommend that funeral directors make arrangements for the carriage of remains.
Please contact our Cargo Reservations department for more information.
We allow our guests to carry ashes contained in an urn as either checked or cabin baggage. The undertaker or funeral director must ensure that the urn is secured in a padded leak proof container that is not made of metal, as it must pass through an x-ray machine. The urn is then part of your normal baggage allowance.
You must be in possession of a death certificate and cremation certificate to be allowed carry ashes on board.