U.S. Immigration

  • Now that our busy summer season has started, please arrive at the airport a minimum 3 hours before departure to allow sufficient time for U.S. Pre-Clearance.
  • We’re delighted to be able to offer you the ultimate time-saving service - U.S. pre-clearance facilities at Dublin and Shannon airports. This means that if you’re flying to the U.S., you can clear not only U.S. immigration, but also full U.S. customs and agriculture controls.
    The benefit of this is that you can land as a local! You simply collect your baggage at your U.S. arrival airport and get on with your day. So not a second of your trip is wasted! The pre-clearance facility, operated by U.S. personnel, is located on the ground floor level of Terminal 2 at Dublin airport and in the departures lounge in Shannon airport.
    Unfortunately, duty free goods including cigarettes and alcohol can’t be sold on board flights which pre-clear U.S. customs and immigration.
    Please note that check-in for all transatlantic flights will close 75 minutes before scheduled departure time for economy class passengers and 60 minutes before departure for business class passengers.
    Please review the U.S. CBP pre-clearance requirements before arriving at the airport.