New Website

Our brand new website offers customers a smarter experience with inspirational planning tools, a more streamlined booking process, and simpler ways to manage your trip and check in.

Find the best price

Our FareFinder feature lets you see a full 30 days of prices in one go, so it's easy to plan the smartest dates to travel.

Book in just six step

We've simplified our booking process and made it sleek, straightforward and easy to use.

Ease of use

Your recent searches are saved, you can see all the benefits of each fare in one place and it's easy to add and remove items. You can see a clear breakdown of your booking in your basket and before you pay, so you're sure all of your order is in order.

A host of choices

We also have a Pricelock feature, so you can freeze any quoted fare for 24 hours for travel within Europe, and reserve a transatlantic fare with just a deposit. No more being pressured into a decision when you're not ready, instead get the time and space to know you're making the right choice.

Explore over 190 destinations

Explore over 190 great destinations around the world with our new Explore tool.

A world of options

The choices are endless, we have destinations for all tastes, budget and time of year. Tailor your search by the type of trip that interests you, fits your budget or even down to the length of time you'd like to travel to your destination.


All our main destinations have a suite of content to help you plan your trip, there's information on what to do and see, where to eat, to shop, and if it's nightlife your interested in we've got that covered too. What's even better is all this content can be filtered so you only see what's of interest to you.

Find the best price

Our new FareFinder tool shows 30 day pricing allowing you to quickly find the best price on dates that suit you.

The booking process has been streamlined into 6 easy steps, you can book flights easily one way, return and multi-city, we even accommodate groups of up to 25 people online.

This new flight search tool tailors your search requirements to find you best prices and times Quickly.

Quickly scan outbound and return flight times and prices We've also introduced a 7 day price view and improved fare benefits to quickly compare all our great fare types.

We've worked hard to simplify this step, making the input of essential information clear and easy to follow. With the addition of saved profile information travel companion information can be filled from a simple dropdown.

All our travel essentials (seats selection, bags and sports equipment) have been redesign for clarity and ease of use.

We've a host of travel extras, everything from lounge, onboard food, car hire and parking, and Heathrow Express for all our London travellers.

Simple forms and secure payment guarantees seamless purchase and booking confirmation.

We've made managing your trips even easier. You can change flights and add extra purchases like advanced car parking, travel insurance and pre-booked meals all from a new simple dashboard. Of course, you could get even smarter and set up a My Aer Lingus profile. It only takes a couple of minutes and then your flight history and personal details are kept safely to hand, saving you even more time and effort.

Check in all of the passengers for all of your flights all at the same time, from inside 30 hours right up to 30 days in advance of your flights. We've even added the ability to dd all those last minute travel essentials and extras.

Can I book flights?

Yes, you can book flights through the new site, it's fully functional and secure. We've even added new features to help you along the way, including a farefinder tool to allow you browse through weeks of prices and improved fare benefits to help you make the best choice.

Can I manage my trips and check-in?

Yes, you can change flights and add travel essentials and extras through our newly designed 'My Trips' section. Check-in has also been redesigned to allow you to check-in for both legs of your journey together.

Can I login with my current profile details?

No, during the beta period while both sites are available it won't be possible to login on the new site. However all current Gold Circle details will be available when we switch to the new site permanently.

Can I get Gold Circle frequent flyer points while booking on the new site?

Yes, you can still add points by inputting your Gold Circle frequent flyer number on the Passenger Info page while making a booking.

Can I login with my profile details from the classic website?

No, during the beta period while both sites are available it won't be possible to login on the new site. However all current profile details will be migrated when we switch to the new site permanently.

Can I create a new profile

Yes, you can create and use a new profile on the beta site. All you need is a unique email address and password, once created you can add all your personal information and payment details so everything is available the next time you login. We've even added the ability to save all your travel companions details too, so future bookings will be a whole lot quicker.

Will there be a new mobile app?

Yes, we will have a new app for both iOS and Android coming soon.

What features will it have?

It will have full booking functionality, as well as the ability to change flights. The new mobile check-in process will have the addition of mobile boarding passes and passbook integration. A shared profile system with the new website will allow you access to all your bookings and personal information on all your devices once logged in.