Travel Essentials

Whether you’re a super-organised planner or more of a seize-the-day sort, no smart flyer wants to leave everything down to chance. Here are our tips for the top three essential things to sort out before you leave for the airport.

Save up to 50% on airport rates by booking your bags before you fly.

There’s a range of options to suit all types of trip and all sorts of tripper, from a nimble 15kg up to a whopping 40kg (split over two bags).

On Transatlantic flights and flights within Europe you’re entitled to one free cabin bag: perfect for a weekend away...depending on how hard you’re planning to hit the shops while you’re there.

Find out more about bag allowances and the big savings you can make by pre-booking online.

Are you a window person or an aisle person? We pre-allocate all our seats in advance, but if you have a strong preference, want to sit with friends or just really love waggling your legs about in an exit row, we recommend booking your seat in advance.

You can choose your seat when booking your flight, or later in the ‘Manage Trip’ section.

Find out more about your seat options and pre-book online by clicking the link below.

So maybe you’re worried that it will affect your performance, or perhaps you just don’t want the hassle of hiring equipment at your destination. Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of affordable sporting options so you can bring your golf clubs/skis/boards/lucky fishing rods with you.

Find out more about pre-booking sports equipment and the necessary guidelines and pre-book online by clicking the link below.