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Special Meals If you have a special dietary requirement for medical or religious reasons, or you may be travelling with small children, we can provide a suitable alternative meal if this is requested sufficiently in time - at least 24 hours in advance of your flight departure. Aer Lingus Careers

We offer a range of special meals on flights to and from North America, see the list below. All of our special meals are prepared using the finest of ingredients and are balanced with the recommended intake of calories.

Regrettably we are unable to offer variations from these set menus and requests for specific items of food, made for personal preferences, cannot be accepted.

You can request a special meal, at the time of booking. If you forget to order when booking the flight, don't worry! You can add a special meal request as long as this is done at least 24 hours in advance of your flight departure. Simply contact your local Aer Lingus Reservations Office and they will be delighted to take the request (please ensure you have your booking reference number). Once on board the aircraft it is always a good idea to let the Cabin Crew know that you have ordered a special meal.

While we do not serve peanuts, or derivatives, as part of snacks or meals we cannot prevent other passengers from bringing nut-based products on board and consuming them during the course of a flight. This is important to note particularly if you suffer from a peanut allergy.

For contact details click here: Reservations Department.

Trip Tip

Note the 4-letter code in the table below. This is the standard airline code for particular special meals and you will see this appearing at different times during the course of your trip.

Type of Meal Code Description
Childs Meal CHML If you are travelling with a small child, you may wish to order something that they will find more appealing.
Diabetic Meal DBML Our diabetic meals are prepared to facilitate passengers who may need to control their blood sugar levels. These meals exclude all sugars, syrups, jams, cakes and chocolate.
Gluten Intolerant Meal GFML The foods excluded in this type of meal are wheat, barley, oats and rye. Accordingly, we do not offer bread and pastries/cakes (unless wheat free) or any flour-based products.
*Kosher Meal KSML Our Kosher meals are prepared strictly in accordance with Jewish dietary laws.
Low Fat Meal LFML When preparing the low fat meal we minimise all foods with a high fat content.
Low Lactose LLML There are low levels of milk, cheese, cream, yoghurts or any other dairy product or derivative in our low lactose meal.
Low Salt LSML This meal is prepared using produce with no salt, MSG or baking powder/soda added during preparation.
Moslem Meal MOML A meal that does not contain pork, alcohol or derivatives of these products.
Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo Meal VLML The vegetarian lacto-ovo meal does not contain any meat, poultry, or seafood. It may, however, include dairy products such as milk, butter or cheese.
Vegetarian Vegan Meal VGML The vegan meal does not contain any dairy products, meat, poultry, or seafood.

*If you are travelling in our Business Class cabin your request for (KSML) must be done at least 48hrs prior to flight departure.

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