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The Gold Circle Club is a club within our Gold Circle Frequent Flyer Programme. The Gold Circle Club consists of three tiers: Gold Circle, Gold Circle Prestige and Gold Circle Elite. Membership of this club is by invitation only and members must reach a certain criteria to gain entry. Membership is valid for one year.

You can change your contact details online. Simply sign in with your membership number or email address and password and select ‘My Profile’.

As soon as you’ve received membership of the Gold Circle Club, you’ll be able to earn points towards reward flights* while availing of lounge access at most airports served by Aer Lingus.

*Subject to paying all of the applicable taxes, fees and carrier charges. .

Membership of the Gold Circle Club, Gold Circle Prestige Club and Gold Circle Elite Club is for a period of 12 months from the date of qualification and will only be renewed for a further 12-month period if the Member continues to comply with the relevant qualifying criteria in force at the expiry date of their current membership. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to redeem points for the renewal of your membership.

Applicant members won’t receive a membership card until Gold Circle Club status is reached. Gold Circle Club members will receive a membership card in the post once 2,400 points are earned in a consecutive 12-month period (excluding bonus points). If you continue to accrue the required number of points, a new card will automatically be issued to you each year. If you don’t automatically accrue the required number of points to maintain Gold Circle Club status and you wish to retain your membership, you can renew your membership in exchange for 2,400 points from your present Gold Circle Points balance*.

*Provided that the renewal is for the 12-month period immediately following expiry of your current Gold Circle Club membership and there are sufficient points in your account.

Earning points with Aer Lingus:
For every qualifying flight you take*, you’ll earn points. When you fly business class on transatlantic routes you’ll earn bonus points which can be used towards flight redemptions (bonus points, however, don’t count towards tier advancement).
*See class and points details.

Earning Gold Circle points with our partners:
Gold, Prestige and Elite members can also earn additional Gold Circle points through our relationships with our business partners.
*See partner details..

To register points you must quote your Gold Circle number when booking every flight. To earn points with one of our partners you must identify yourself as a Gold Circle Club member, quote your membership number when making the booking and also present your card at each check-in point.

Members and applicants are advised to retain original flight coupons and boarding passes relating to travel on Aer Lingus and/or Gold Circle Club partner airlines. In the event that transactions haven’t been recorded on a specific statement, the transactions can be credited provided that you’re already a registered member at the time that the flight departed.

For Aer Lingus flights:
To claim points retrospectively, you must record the ticket and flight details on a missing flights form which is also accessible from your email statement. You can also claim your points here.

For Partner Airline flights:
To claim points retrospectively, you need to submit the original ticket stubs/email confirmation and boarding cards to Gold Circle Administration, Iolar House, Aer Lingus, Dublin Airport.

For Gold Circle Partners:
To claim points retrospectively, you need to submit the partner invoice to Gold Circle Administration, Iolar House, Aer Lingus, Dublin Airport.

As a qualified Gold Circle Club member, you can spend points when you’ve earned the required amount of points for an award.

Your Gold Circle points can get you flights* to any of the destinations serviced by Aer Lingus and our partners. You can take family members or friends with you or give someone a flight as a gift.

For details on the required points for flights, sign in with your card number/email and password. Once signed in, please click on ‘Book flight with Gold Circle points‘ under ‘My Profile’ which will direct you to a page detailing points required for economy and business class Gold Circle reward flights.

*Subject to paying all of the applicable . .

Members wishing to avail of Gold Circle travel rewards on Aer Lingus services can make a reservation by signing in to the Gold Circle section of Reservations on partner airline services can be made by contacting Gold Circle.

When booking Gold Circle Partner rewards, you must contact the relevant Gold Circle partner directly to make the booking. When placing the booking, you need to advise the Gold Circle partner that you’re making a Gold Circle reward booking before they can confirm availability. A booking reference will then be issued. You’ll then need to contact Gold Circle administration and quote this booking reference allowing 14 days for processing. A Gold Circle partner voucher will be issued to you, which should be presented when fulfilling the booking. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in your booking being cancelled.

Yes, however, the same number of points are required for a one-way flight as a return flight.

Unfortunately not. Aer Lingus points can be earned and redeemed only on Aer Lingus scheduled flights and qualifying flights operated by partner member airlines.

Yes. Members are responsible for all travel taxes and administration fees and must quote a credit/debit card number at time of booking a Gold Circle travel reward.

You may upgrade your Aer Lingus flight by contacting your Gold Circle reservations office, our staff will be happy to help you. However, unfortunately it’s not possible to upgrade a partner airline flight using Gold Circle points. See what points are required to upgrade.

You can now check your balance online, at any time. Simply:

  1. Enter your Gold Circle number and password in the members’ sign in area of the homepage and click ‘Go‘.
  2. On your personal homepage click ‘view account balance’ under the welcome message.

Unfortunately not. Gold Circle points are non-transferable or combinable with another member's Gold Circle points.

No, unfortunately not. In accordance with our partner airline contracts once points/miles are claimed with one programme they can’t be transferred or moved to another programme.

Unfortunately not. Gold Circle points are awarded for travel by the individual Gold Circle Club member only and are strictly non-transferable.

No. Gold Circle points have no cash value and can’t be purchased.

Points will be credited to your account after the travel has commenced.

Gold Circle partner transactions are generally credited within one month of the transaction taking place.

No. Points are not awarded for travel on complimentary or Gold Circle travel reward tickets.

Yes. Points have a life span of 36 months / three years provided you retain membership of the Gold Circle Club during that time. Once your points reach this age then they’ll be automatically eliminated from your account.

If your membership of the club isn’t automatically renewed (because of insufficient flight activity), you can redeem 2,400 points for another year‘s membership provided you’ve a sufficient points balance on your account. The renewal is for the 12-month period immediately following expiry of the current Gold Circle Club membership. If you don’t log the minimum application points for Gold Circle Club qualification within 12 months of the date of application, then the oldest application points, i.e. those logged in the first month, will be automatically cancelled to maintain a rolling 12-month application period. All application points are deemed to be of no value and can’t be redeemed for awards either with Aer Lingus or its partners. We’ll give you notice, where possible, in advance of eliminating points.

Once points have been eliminated from the account they can’t be reinstated under any circumstances.

You need to maintain your membership of the Gold Circle Club in order for your points to remain valid for the duration of their three-year lifespan. The best way to get value from your points is to spend them on flights or on selected partner awards.

No. Unfortunately it’s not currently possible to pay in points and cash combined for tickets for Gold Circle rewards.

No. Once a Gold Circle reward flight claim is made and the ticket is issued the booking is non-refundable. You are, however, entitled to claim your taxes back. To do this please forward details of your booking and tickets to Gold Circle administration and the taxes will be refunded as per your original method of payment.

Unfortunately not. For a claim to be made you must have the required amount of points.

Yes. If you have an economy revenue ticket, your infant will be charged the applicable infant fare. If you then use your complimentary upgrades (Elite members only) or claim a points upgrade, there’s no additional charge for the upgrade of the infant.

Codesharing is where a flight has two flight numbers, the Aer Lingus number and the flight number of the airline sharing the flight. The flight can be operated by either airline depending on the agreement. This allows us to offer you more choice when making your flight reservation.

Yes, you can earn points on a codeshare flight. However there may be occasions when your ticket won’t qualify. If you’ve got the flight number prefix of EI on your ticket then you’ll always earn Gold Circle points on applicable fares.

If the codeshare is with one of our partner airlines and your flight number prefix on your ticket is BA, CX, QF or UA then you’ll earn Gold Circle points if booked in a qualifying class. See information on qualifying classes.

If the codeshare is with an airline that isn’t a partner airline of the Gold Circle Club, then your flight number prefix on your ticket must be EI to earn Gold Circle points. If your flight number has the prefix of KL or LX on your ticket then you’re unfortunately not entitled to Gold Circle points as we’ve no frequent flyer agreement with these airlines.

If you’re an applicant member, you won’t receive a statement until you reach Gold Circle Club status. However if you require a statement, please email your request to Members will be provided with a monthly Gold Circle Club statement by email, provided you have a valid email address.

If you’re still not receiving a statement, this may be due to your computer system having a block against certain types of email or we may have an incorrect email address for you. To fix this, please email and they’ll test your system and email address with you.

You’ll receive a statement each month. All statements are sent by email.

Regrettably, we can only send email statements. You could try to gain internet access at a public library or an internet café and set up an email account with one of the many free email providers.

Yes, you can claim credit for any flights completed in the last three months (or after your registration date if you’ve only registered within the last three months). You may also record flights and partner transactions in the following ways:

For Aer Lingus flights:

Your monthly eStatement will have a ‘Missing Flights’ button. All you have to do is click the button and complete the form with mandatory details of the missing flights. Once the activity has been validated, the missing flights will be posted to your account. If you don’t have a statement, please email and we’ll send you a form so you can fill in your missing flight details.

For partner airline flights:

You must submit the original ticket stubs and boarding cards to Gold Circle Administration, Iolar House, Aer Lingus, Dublin Airport.

For non-airline partners:

You’ll need to submit the partner invoice to Gold Circle Club Status, Gold Circle Administration, Iolar House, Aer Lingus, Dublin Airport.