Gold Circle is changing.. We introduced Gold Circle, our frequent flyer programme, back in 1987 and a lot has happened in the last 28 years. We recognise that your needs are constantly evolving and we need to provide a loyalty programme that is designed for the modern traveller.

We researched the market and listened to feedback from our Gold Circle members who identified these key areas of improvement:

  • More availability of seats on Aer Lingus.
  • Reward for short haul flights.
  • Greater opportunities through partners across travel, retail and lifestyle.

From this feedback, we have redesigned our frequent flyer programme, to become AerClub, a programme that will truly reward and recognise you for choosing to fly with us.

In spring 2016, AerClub will become the loyalty programme of Aer Lingus.

Loyalty Rewarded

AerClub is the first Irish airline loyalty programme to give its members the opportunity to collect reward points not only by booking flights on Aer Lingus and selected air partners, but also on non-air purchases from an extensive range of brands that include retail, hotels and car hire.

As part of our new programme, we are delighted to have Avios join us as our new global travel reward partners to provide AerClub members with access to a greatly enhanced range of collection and redemption opportunities.

Loyalty Recognised

In a similar way to Gold Circle, AerClub will recognise the most loyal and frequent Aer Lingus flyers through a new tier membership structure. Tier membership points will be earned based on frequency and spend with Aer Lingus and entry to each tier will depend on the tier membership points balance.

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  • Collect Avios points based on how much you spend on flights with Aer Lingus

    The more you spend on flights with Aer Lingus, the more Avios points you will collect. The move away from our traditional air miles model means you will be able to earn points with every flight you buy, giving you more opportunities to build up your balance.

  • Boost your Avios points to collect them more quickly

    If you have achieved Silver, Platinum or Concierge tier membership you will receive extra bonus Avios points every time you fly on an Aer Lingus flight, meaning your Avios points balance will grow even faster.

  • Fly on our global airline network and collect Avios points

    You will be able to fly on selected AerClub airline partners and collect even more Avios points. The points collected on these flights will be earned based on the distance flown.

  • Turn your shopping into flights

    Through our partnership with Avios there are lots of new ways to collect points. As well as collecting Avios points by buying flights on Aer Lingus and selected airline partners, members will be able to collect points through non-air Avios partners in areas such as retail, hotel and car hire.

  • Enjoy more ways to spend Avios points

    In response to guest feedback, there will be an increase in Aer Lingus flights available to our members for purchase and upgrade. As well as access to flights, members will also be able to spend their points with a range of Avios travel and leisure partners.

  • Avios are the travel rewards currency of AerClub. They are reward points that you can collect on travel and everyday spending to get a discount on flights and other travel rewards.
  • Avios are a leader in travel rewards and operate multiple global loyalty programmes. They are also the reward currency for British Airways Executive Club and Iberia Plus.
  • Avios give their customers access to a network serving 1,000 destinations across the globe. Over 7 million members worldwide collect Avios with brands like Marriott, Heathrow Express and Kildare Village Outlet Shopping.

On 31 March 2016, Gold Circle will be closing and we will commence the rollout of AerClub, the new loyalty programme of Aer Lingus

If you are an existing Gold Circle member, you will be contacted by the end of November 2015 and invited to join AerClub. Once you have confirmed your membership to AerClub, you will receive regular emails from our loyalty team to keep you up to date with programme developments, information and new collection and redemption partners as they come on board.

One month prior to the launch of AerClub you will be contacted and informed of your new AerClub Tier membership and your new AerClub membership pack will then be sent out to you.

If you are not currently a Gold Circle member, but are interested in joining AerClub, you can pre-register your interest for AerClub membership above.

Note: No new applications for Gold Circle will be accepted from the AerClub announcement in November until AerClub launches in spring 2016.

AerClub will launch in spring 2016. We will update this page with more AerClub information, news and updates as we approach the launch in spring 2016.

If you are a Gold Circle member you will be contacted directly and invited to join AerClub. If you are not a Gold Circle member you can pre-register your interest for AerClub above and we will keep you up-to-date with developments.

Following the official AerClub announcement, Gold Circle will no longer be accepting new member enrolments.

AerClub tier status will be dependent on your Gold Club tier status at the closure of Gold Circle and will depend on your level of Aer Lingus flight activity within the last 12 months.

AerClub will be administered in a similar way to Gold Circle. You will receive a new membership card, AerClub account number and PIN. You will then be able to manage your account online.

If you are not members of Gold Circle, unfortunately you will not be able to earn Gold Circle Points, or claim back retrospective avios points once AerClub launches.

Avios are a leader in travel rewards and manage the reward currency for multiple global loyalty programmes, including British Airways Executive Club and Iberia Plus. Aer Lingus has selected Avios as its new rewards partner to give you access to a global network of partners where you can collect Avios points and turn them into flights and travel experiences.

Yes. All AerClub members, irrespective of membership tier, can collect Avios points and you can start collecting them as soon as you join.

Aer Lingus will announce our new non air and airline collection and redemption partners, over the next couple of months. This will include the many opportunities that members will have to boost their Avios points.

If you are an existing Gold Circle member, you will be contacted directly by the end of November and invited to join AerClub.

If you have Gold Circle tier status (ie. Gold, Prestige or Elite), you will have your closing account balances converted and credited into your new AerClub account as Avios points when AerClub launches.

If you are a Gold, Prestige and Elite tier member you will receive 2 Avios points for every 1 Gold Circle Point.

If you are an Applicant member, you will be awarded tier credits against the volume of Gold Circle points you have already accumulated. This will allow you to continue your progression to attain Silver member status.

No, the Gold Circle programme will be closing on 31st March 2016. If you are a member (ie. tier status member and Applicant) you will receive an email inviting you to Join AerClub. If you are a Gold Circle tier status members and you have chosen not to participate in AerClub, you have until the 31st March 2016 to spend your Gold Circle Points. Any unspent Points will expire.

If you have an existing Avios account, British Airways Executive Club, Iberia Plus or AerClub accounts, you can use the 'Combine my Avios' feature to combine your Avios points into one account or transfer Avios points between your accounts. To transfer Avios points please visit

The Bank of Ireland programme is a separate programme to AerClub. So as such, the existing benefits, (including guest access to the Aer Lingus Lounge) will remain in place and unchanged. If you are a member of this programme, you can choose to receive the additional AerClub Programme benefits by joining AerClub.

Aer Lingus is currently not a member of the One World Alliance and therefore these benefits will not be available.