Luxury Dining

Irish cuisine is the best in the world (in our completely biased opinion). But because we want you to agree with us, we work with top chefs to bring you a fusion of the finest modern and traditional Irish food.

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To make sure you truly get a taste of Ireland, we source fresh ingredients from all over our country.

We change our menu to reflect what's in season and select wines to complement and enhance the flavours, so you get the best of our best.

Relax and enjoy.

Our attentive cabin crew serve all your meals on Wedgewood China and are on call to top up your Waterford Crystal glass if you so wish.

We want you to be able to close your eyes and imagine that you're in a top restaurant in Ireland (but one where you can slip off your shoes and recline back in your seat.)

Choose to eat dinner in our JFK lounge before your flight to Ireland.

You'll enjoy the same smart restaurant service and cuisine, but then be free to sleep for longer on board, so you arrive refreshed, relaxed and raring to go.