Start your Family Holiday the Smart Way

With the Easter break here tomorrow, and summer fast approaching, we’ve got some tips for a hassle-free visit to Dublin Airport to kick off your family holiday.

Aer Lingus Family Holiday

We’ve all been there – more bags than Mom and Dad can physically carry, awkwardly pushing a buggy with one hand (a buggy that baby refuses to sit into), while frantically checking every pocket for passports and boarding cards every five minutes. Nobody ever said flying with kids is easy.

To help you along, we’ve put together some practical tips for check-in and boarding, particularly at Dublin Airport.

1. Check in the Evening Before

If your flight departs Dublin Airport between 6am and 8am, you can now check-in at the airport between 4pm and 8pm the evening before. If you are travelling with immediate family, one member of the family can check-in and drop bags for the family the evening before. Passports or ID cards are required for everyone travelling, and must be presented the evening before. This is a wonderful option if you’re staying relatively close to the airport the night before you set off. You can head straight to airport security the next morning – pure bliss!

(Note: While this will save you time by avoiding check-in the following morning, you will still need to leave adequate time in the morning to get through security and to get to your gate. We recommend that you come to the airport 90 minutes before your flight is due to depart.)

2. Check In Online

Online Check-In saves you time at the airport, and gives you a better chance of getting your preferred seats on board. Online Check-In is available on all flights from Ireland, UK and USA and from selected European airports. When you arrive at the airport, look for the Bag Drop desk to have your bags tagged and sent to the aircraft.

3. Bring the buggy

It’s one of the most important pieces of equipment for any family with young kids. That’s why we allow you to bring your children’s travel equipment (buggy / stroller / travel seat) free of charge to make the journey even more relaxed and enjoyable. In most of our airports you can simply tag your buggy at Check-In or Bag Drop and get full use of your buggy right to the aircraft door. Your buggy will be delivered, ready for pick-up as you disembark at the other end of your journey.

4. Pre-board like the VIP you are

If you’re travelling with infants or young kids, you can get them settled in before the other passengers board. It’s VIP treatment for the little ones from start to finish!

After that,  all that’s left to do is power up that iPad, get out the colouring books, get the bottle warmed up, and start enjoying that holiday you’ve all been so looking forward to. Bon voyage!

Bon voyage!

Tips for travelling with a family on Aer Lingus