Packing tips: how to make the most of your baggage allowance

Your long-awaited adventure is just around the corner, but staring into that empty suitcase and wondering where to begin can feel slightly overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together some tips on how to maximise your cabin or checked baggage. Whether it’s a weekend trip to Paris or some extra luggage for New York, we have a baggage solution to suit, and the tips below will have you packing like a pro in no time!

1. Make a list

Take some time to consider your destination and the length of your trip. Then compile a list of items you’ll need. You can find packing lists online that you can save to your phone. Then it’s simply a matter of ticking off each item as you go. Now is a good time to decide what baggage allowance you think you’ll need for your trip. You can find details on our baggage options on our website.

Make a separate list of ‘in-flight essentials’ such as passport, medication, money etc. to go in your personal bag. This will help to avoid having to reach up and rummage through your neatly packed cabin bag. Important items should always go in your personal or cabin bag.

2. Packing cubes

Packing cubes are small fabric zipper bags that fit neatly into your suitcase and come in different sizes. Think Tetris for your luggage! You can keep all t-shirts, trousers and swimwear separate in their own cube so you know exactly where to find everything for a quick outfit change when you reach your destination. Here’s a video that explains in more detail.

3. Check the weather

Use an accurate weather app to have a look at the forecast to help plan which items to bring. Two apps we like are Accuweather and YR. In terms of clothing, it’s best to include staple pieces that you can mix and match to avoid over-packing. If you have an itinerary for your trip, try to fit outfits around each activity.

4. Maximise small spaces

Use a sunglasses case to pack earphones and small charger cables. This keeps everything together and easier to find rather than in a tangled mess at the bottom of your bag. Stuff socks, belts and other small items into your shoes to utilise space that would otherwise be empty.

5. Liquids

This one is important. Have your liquids of 100ml or less ready to go in their own re-sealable bag for a swift security clearance. You can find free plastic bags available at most airports. Make sure they’re accessible in your bag for when you get to airport security. No one likes holding up the queue!

Try and stick to the essentials and choose products that are multi-purpose so you can save on space. You can also check with your hotel ahead of time to see what toiletries can be found in your room.

If you’re travelling light from Dublin with just a 10kg cabin bag, you can drop this off at check-in for a small fee (no need to pre-book!), then breeze through airport security. As a bonus, you can forget about that 100ml liquid restriction, as your bag will travel in the hold.

In summary, its frustrating arriving home and realising you brought way too much stuff for your trip. With some pre-planning, you can make sure you don’t pay for more luggage than you need, while making your journey as hassle-free as possible, and having everything you need for an amazing trip. Bon voyage!

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