AerClub FAQs

We put together the top questions and answers that members have about joining AerClub, managing your AerClub account and all important Avios points and Tier Credits. We hope you find these useful but if you need more help, please contact us.

Joining AerClub

Click here to join AerClub and begin earning Avios points every time you fly. Use your Avios points to book flights, no matter where you're travelling with us. When you open an AerClub account you will also receive an Avios account. Avios is the reward currency of AerClub.

If you already have an Aer Lingus account, please log in using your original details to upgrade to your new AerClub account.

If you were an existing Gold Circle member you will have been contacted directly and migrated automatically into AerClub unless you previously opted out.

If you were an existing Gold Circle member you need to log in with your existing Gold Circle account details and follow the instructions to activate your new AerClub account.

  • Please go on to and change your password to contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number. Spaces, backslashes and double quotes cannot be used.
  • Once you have done this, please proceed to the AerClub registration page to link your accounts.
  • Click yes to "Do you already have an Avios account?".
  • Use your newly updated Avios password to link the accounts.

Your AerClub membership tier will be dependent on your level of Aer Lingus flight activity within the last 12 months prior to the closure of Gold Circle. All new applications will be automatically awarded Green tier membership.

Aer Lingus is currently not a member of the One World Alliance and therefore these benefits will not be available.

Managing your AerClub account

Upon joining AerClub you would have received a new membership card with your AerClub account number. Please click here to log in to your account and check your tier status progression.

Please note that Green Tier members will not receive a physical membership card but can download your electronic card when you log in to your AerClub account.

Yes. To change your password you need to log in on and go to the "My Details" page within your account. In the "My Password" section, you simply need to enter your old password and confirm your new one.

If you have forgotten your old password you can reset it here.

Please note that your password will also be changed on your corresponding Avios account.

Yes. If you are an AerClub member you can change your username once you log in on and go to the "Security Details" section within your Avios account. Please note the next time you log in to your AerClub account on, you should use this new username.

If you already have an Aer Lingus account but are not yet an AerClub member, you can change your username once you log in on and go to the "Join AerClub" page within your account.

If you have forgotten your username you can retrieve it here.

If you have requested an email change /or have had your email changed on your AerClub account, please note the following:

  • Any existing bookings that were made with your old email address will still appear as long as they are unchanged. If you make any changes to your existing bookings made with your old email address, they will no longer appear in your AerClub account.
  • Any new bookings made with your old email address will not appear in your AerClub account.

To change your postal address you need to log in on and go to the "My Details" page within your account. Update your address and save your changes.

If the information on your account is incorrect and you are not able to change it online please contact us.

If you are a Green member of AerClub, you will not receive a physical card in the post. Log in to your account where you can print your card.

If you are a Silver, Platinum or Concierge member of AerClub and have not yet received your membership pack, please contact us.

Please contact us in the event of loss, theft or unauthorised use of your AerClub membership card.

Silver, Platinum and Concierge members can order a replacement AerClub membership card once you log in to your account and click on the link below the AerClub card image.

You will need your AerClub membership number and the email address associated with your account.

Please ensure your postal address is correct in My Details section. It may take up to three weeks for your card to reach you.

You may from time to time receive service notifications from The email will detail any required action from you. This is a no reply email address so if you have any queries in relation to the email please contact us.

Avios points & Tier Credits

Tier Credits are reset to zero at the end of your anniversary year, every year. You earn Tier Credits over a 365 day period based on your anniversary date. See our Tiers and Benefits page to find out exactly how Tier Credits work.

Please note that certain airports may take longer to provide Aer Lingus with confirmation that the flight has been taken. If you have recently taken a flight from a European destination such as Frankfurt, Munich or Hamburg with Aer Lingus and your Avios points and Tier Credits have not yet appeared in your AerClub account, rest assured they will be awarded once you have included your AerClub membership number in the booking.

We are currently working with our partner airlines to ensure that you receive your Avios points for flights flown. This process is taking some time and the Avios points will be credited as soon as possible. In the meantime, your travel activity will be captured and stored once you enter your AerClub membership number when booking.

The next phased rollout, including processing of missing flights, is now here. Please click here to fill in the missing flights form. The Tier Credits and Avios points associated with these flights will be added to your account within 28days.

No. You can only earn Avios points and Tier Credits on flights that you have actually flown.

Your Avios points won't expire as long as you're either collecting or spending Avios points at least once every 36 months.

Only previous members of Gold Circle can claim Avios points or Tier Credits for flights taken prior to AerClub launching.

AerClub is partnered with Avios Travel Rewards Programme. British Airways Executive Club and Iberia Plus are separate programmes but they use a common currency called Avios.

To transfer your Avios points between your accounts you need to go to and log in. Select 'Your account' and 'Combine/Transfer Avios to or from your AerClub, British Airways or Iberia accounts'.

Please note you can only transfer Avios if all details, including your surname, date of birth and e-mail address are on your account, and you're not in a household account.