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Ireland's Family Friendly Airline When it comes to flying with your children, we believe that they're the most important people on board. And that's why we have developed a range of great services that make flying with the family a great, fun adventure. Inflight Dining

Fly the family-friendly way with Aer Lingus


All our check-in options are free

If you forget to print off your boarding card in the excitement of it all, don't worry. All our check-in options are completely free of charge.

Baby changing facilities on board

When those little 'emergencies' present themselves, we really come into our own. With special baby changing facilities on board, travelling with your youngest is child's play.

Buggy checked in

It's one of the most important pieces of equipment in any family with young kids, so your buggy will be delivered, ready for pick-up as you disembark at the other end of your journey.

Evening before check-in (in Dublin)

If you're overnighting in Dublin before your trip, or already live near the airport, you can check in the evening before your flight - so that's one less job to worry about as you head off on holiday with the family.

Pre-board for babies (and buggies)

Get your children settled in before the other passengers board. It's VIP treatment for kids from first to last.

Bottle and food warming facilities on board

Let's face it; we all want our food served exactly the way we like it - including our youngest passengers. We'll happily heat up your bottles or baby food, just ask any of your cabin crew.

Generous luggage allowance for children

We know that children don't exactly travel light, which is why we allow you to bring your children's travel equipment (buggy / stroller / travel seat) free of charge to make the journey even more relaxed and enjoyable.


We look forward to welcoming you and your family on board!

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