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Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus Regional

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Aer Lingus Cabin Baggage


Aer Lingus Regional Cabin Baggage
  • Max weight 10kg (22lb)
  • Max size 55cm H (21.5") x 40cm W (15.5") x 24cm D (9.5")
  • Plus one small personal item: Small handbag, laptop,
    duty free or baby changing bag.
    Max size 25cm H (10”) x 33cm W (13”) x20cm D(8”)
  • Max weight 7kg (15lb)
  • max size of 48cm H (18.5") x 33cm W (13") x 20cm D (8")




  • Please note that if connecting from our Aer Lingus service to our Aer Lingus Regional service that the 7KG cabin baggage allowance will apply for both parts of the journey.
  • Please ensure your cabin baggage is within the specified allowance. Bags outside of this allowance must be checked-in and the relevant bag fee will apply.
  • Flights departing the USA are subject to TSA security rules.
  • *Revised from 31 January 2014* EU security rules regarding liquids, gels and aerosols in cabin baggage apply.

General Rules for Cabin Baggage

  • Cabin baggage must meet size and weight limits which are strictly enforced at the airport.
  • Cabin baggage must fit inside the gauge units at the airport (including wheels and handles).
  • All passengers must be able to place their own cabin baggage into the overhead bin unaided.
  • Please stow smaller bags under the seat in front of you keeping overhead space free for larger bags.
  • Occasionally we have to check your cabin bag into the hold due to stowage space limitations or if your baggage is over the allowed dimensions and weight.
  • Passengers in Row 1 Economy or Business Class, or at an emergency exit, MUST store baggage in an overhead bin.

Use of Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) on Aer Lingus flights

  • Recent changes to EASA regulations now permit that Portable Electronic Devices (e.g. mobile phones, tablet devices, e-readers, MP3 players) no longer have to be switched to 'OFF' during take-off and landing.
  • It is now acceptable to use these devices during all phases of flight (except during refuelling and low visibility landings) once they have been switched to 'Flight / Airplane Mode'.
  • Laptops and larger PEDs (greater than 1kg in weight or which cannot be held in one hand) shall be stowed during taxi, take-off and landing (or at any other time if requested by the flight crew).
  • Devices must not obstruct passenger exit from a seat row in the event of an emergency.
  • Note: Aer Lingus A330 aircraft are Wi-Fi and GSM enabled (passengers must follow on-board procedures for use).


Partner Airlines

If your journey is partly or entirely with another airline your allowance may differ. Check details on the website of the airline you are travelling with:








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