Aer Lingus Business Class

A New Experience

From 2015 we are introducing a brand new Business Class Service; a brand new Business Class Cabin; all delivered within a best of Modern Ireland Service Culture.

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Your room

With a View

Whatever you want to call your space on board, it’s 4 rooms in one. Transform your seat into whatever you want it to be, a place to sleep, work, eat, or simply chill.

Lie-flat comfort ▼

Travel the Atlantic

in 40 winks

It’s your all important bed when it’s time to rest your head and get a great night’s sleep. And this bed certainly won’t disappoint – it’s fully lie-flat with a length of 2 metres/6.5 feet so you can stretch, stretch and stretch some more. You’ll arrive fully rested and ready for whatever your day holds.

Your storage matters

Added Convenience

Your travel essentials really matter to you. So they matter to us too. With our new stowage system, you’ll have your essentials to hand and plenty of storage. We’ve added a special home for your shoes, a safe place to store your laptop and jacket close to hand, so they’re never out of reach.

A fusion of the best of

Traditional & modern Irish

With food offerings appropriate to the time of day, and an on-demand service, we’ll make sure that you never go hungry. And more importantly, that you eat when you want to eat. Our wines will be specially selected to complement our gourmet food offering, enhancing the taste and giving you a truly top restaurant experience.

Keeping you


With complimentary Wi-Fi available in our Business Cabin it’s your office when you have work to do, or your chill out zone when you want to surf the Internet or simply recline to watch a latest release movie.

Touch Screen Control

The Dream Screen

Your own screen has long been a feature of our Business Class service. But we’re making it bigger and better than ever before. In fact, it’s the highest standard the airline industry has to offer – a 16” Panasonic high definition multi-touch screen all to yourself.


Larger Screen

16" High Definition Touch Screen


Onboard TV

90 hours of TV shows


Movies on Demand

New release Movies


Music Videos

Over 1,000 music albums