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Gadgets and Gifts for All It's the time of year for reinvention and we've found the perfect products for just that! As always we bring you amazing savings on-board, almost 30% less than the high street, and travel exclusives that can't be found anywhere else. Aer Lingus Careers

Lego Police Helicopter

Onboard 16

Rory's Story Cubes

Onboard 12

The Gruffalo Snap Cards

Onboard 8

Butch the Bulldog


Onboard 12

Storm Husky Puppy


Onboard 8

Disney Characters Pens


Onboard 2 each

Stylus & Ballpoint Pen

by A T Cross

Onboard 21

Britta Sunglasses

by Ted Baker

Onboard 65

Raylor Brown Sunglasses

by Adidas

Onboard 80

Irish Scented Candles

by Scents of Ireland

Onboard 10

Luxury Scented Candles

by Brooke & Shoals

Onboard 15

Cashmere & Merino Wraps

by Morgan & Oats

Onboard 38 each

World Travel Adaptor

by Skross

Onboard 13

Mini Bluetooth Speaker

by Jivo

Onboard 35

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