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To/From USA Business
Health & Wellbeing onboard Arrive from your journey refreshed - read our travel health tips to make your journey more enjoyable and reduce jet lag. Health & Wellbeing onboard
  • Keep on moving

    The best way to stay comfy is to keep moving, try to change sitting position regularly and avoid crossing your legs. If on a long haul flight, take a walk in the cabin once the seat belt sign is off. This will get your circulation going and refresh your legs.
  • Ear care

    Cabin pressure changes can be painful particularly if you have a cold, sinusitis or existing ear problems. If you experience these problems during the flight, have a chat to our cabin crew who will be happy to give you some tips.
  • Drink Up

    Keep yourself hydrated throughout the flight by drinking plenty of water.
  • Skin Care

    Keep your skin moisturised and pampered from the dry air.
  • Eye Care

    If you are a regular contact lens wearer, it is a good idea to bring your glasses with you in case your eyes feel dryer than usual.
  • Body Care

    Choose comfy, loose fitting clothes and shoes for your journey.
  • Time Zones

    Beat jet lag by setting your watch to your destination time when you arrive on board, or ask one of our cabin crew who will be happy to tell you the local time at your destination.

Special assistance

Customers who require special assistance or have special requests should inform us at the time of booking or contact us no later than 48 hours before departure. We will do what we can to help. Please note that if you change a booking online that already contains your special request, this information is not automatically transferred to your new booking. Please contact our customer care team to transfer the special requests.

For more details please see our help section.

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