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What is Seat Selection?

How do I select my seat?

  1. Retrieve your Booking

    You must fill in the required information correctly in order to retrieve your booking.

    • Booking Reference: Unique identifier containing a series of six alpha and numeric characters, which can be found on your email Confirmation.
    • Departing From: Departure city for your outward itinerary
    • Arriving At: Arrival city for your outward itinerary
    • Email Address: Email address used when making your booking

    If you wish to book seats for bookings made with our call centre, a travel agent or other airline, please click on 'Bookings made with our call centre, a travel agent or other airline' link at top of the page.

    You need to fill in the following information of the current flight you are due to travel with Aer Lingus. You cannot use information from any past or previously travelled flights:

    • Booking Reference
    • Passenger First Name
    • Passenger Last Name
    • Departing From
    • Arriving At
    • Departure Date
    • Flight Number
  2. Seat Selection: Aircraft Map.

    If you wish to accept the seats offered to you (coloured in red) please click on the Continue button.

    • To change a seat, click on the seat to de-select it, and then select your preferred seat before you continue.
    • Seats must be chosen for all passengers travelling.
  3. Seat Selection: Payment

    Credit Card details must be entered on this page.

    • Card Information section - please ensure that all the required fields marked with an * in the card information section are correctly filled in.
  4. Seats Selected: Review your chosen seats.

    The seat selection details and the total seat cost, are displayed on this page.

    • If you are happy to proceed, click 'Confirm'.
    • If you wish to re-choose seats, click 'Back to Map'.
  5. Seat Selection Confirmation
    • The confirmation page confirms all of your details and that your Selected Seats have been added to your booking successfully.
    • We recommend that you print this page and keep it for your records.

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