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Retrieve your Booking

Please note to retrieve your booking to Add Seats or Add Advance Passenger Information you must use the details of the current flight you are due to travel on with Aer Lingus. You cannot use information from any past or previously travelled flights.

For example:

If today's date is the 07th March and your itinerary is:

EI162 02nd March departing Dublin at 12.10 arriving London/Heathrow at 13.25
EI159 09th March departing London/Heathrow at 12.35 arriving Dublin at 13.50

You must use the details of your flight for the 09th March.

You must fill in the required information correctly in order to retrieve your booking.

Booking Reference (e.g. 4XKCT2) Unique identifier containing a series of six alpha and numeric characters, which can be found on your ticket or confirmation
Passenger First Name First name of one of the passengers
Passenger Last Name Last name of one of the passengers
Departing From Departure city for your flight
Arriving At Arrival city for your flight
Departure Date Date of departure of the flight
Flight Number 3 or 4 digit numeric flight number
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