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Heathrow Express Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Carriage

1. Our responsibilities

2. Your responsibilities

3. Tickets

4. Rights to refunds on tickets

5. Accommodation on trains


7. Seasontickets

8. Carnets

9. Technical issues - the small print

10. Definitions

In these Conditions:-

  1. "Heathrow Express" means Heathrow Express Operating Company Ltd., "Heathrow Connect" means the train operation between Hayes & Harlington and Heathrow Airport operated by or on behalf of Heathrow Airport Ltd; and "London Underground" means Transport for London and its subsidiaries and the Docklands Light Railway Limited;

  2. "Train Company" means a company which runs domestic scheduled passenger trains on the rail network in Great Britain, but not London Underground, Heathrow Connect or Heathrow Express;

  3. "Railway Operator" means a Train Company, Heathrow Connect or Heathrow Express;

  4. "Railway Service Company" means Network Rail, any person (other than a Railway Operator) who operates a station and any person who hires rolling stock to a Railway Operator, but does not include London Underground, Heathrow Connect or Heathrow Express;

  5. "agent" means a travel agent, a Train Company, a Rail Service Company, Heathrow Airport Ltd. or London Underground or any agents acting on behalf of Heathrow Express, but for the purposes of section 6 does not include airline check-in staff;

  6. "season tickets" includes any ticket which gives you the right to travel between the stations or within the zones specified on it for the period shown on it up to and including the expiry date shown on it. This includes the right to break and resume your journey, as described in Condition 3.6. The definition includes season tickets, Gold Cards and Travelcards having a validity of more than one day but not carnets or Airports Travelcards; and

  7. "us" and "we" means Heathrow Express; and "our" means Heathrow Express's.

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