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Advance Passenger Information

What is Advance Passenger Information?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Bureau of Customs and Border Protection) requires certain Advance Information about all passengers including infants travelling to and/or from the USA. Airlines must have this information before passengers can be checked in for flights to and/or from the USA. Passengers who refuse to supply this information may be restricted from entering the country by the country's immigration department. The Information required for each passenger is:

Who is required to submit Advance Passenger Information?

All passengers including infants must provide the information if the itinerary includes travel to and/or from the USA.

How do I add Advance Passenger Information to my booking?

1. Retrieve your Booking
2. Advance Passenger Information
3. Input Your Passenger Information
4. Approve Your Passenger Information
5. Advance Passenger Information Confirmation
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