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Facilities Onboard for Infants & Children

Our cabin crew onboard will be happy to help you with your infants and children.

  • Baby changing facilities are available on all of our aircrafts. Please ask cabin crew members for locations.
  • Our cabin crew onboard will heat your baby food and bottles for babies and small children.
  • Use of travel cots for longhaul flights is subject to availability and require basinet seats for use.
  • Bassinet seats for longhaul flights are subject to availability and require pre-booking. You may instead opt for increased comfort by purchasing a dedicated seat for the infant at the child rate. Infants with confirmed seats would not be able to also request bassinet seating. Please contact the Aer Lingus Reservations Department. Please ensure you have your booking reference number.
  • Infant seat belts are available onboard for babies under the age of 2 years. Please advise cabin crew onboard.
  • Child meals can be requested up to 24 hours prior to departure. Simply contact your local Aer Lingus Reservations Department. For contact details click here: Reservations Department. Please ensure you have your booking reference number.
  • Video and audio entertainment are provided on all long-haul flights (travel outside Europe). In addition to these, Business Class passengers can choose from 9 entertainment channels depending on the aircraft including Kids/Family movies.

Inflight Entertainment

Our new video on-demand entertainment system is now provided on our flights to the US. This on-demand system allows the passenger to play, stop, rewind or fast-forward a wide range of blockbuster films, TV programmes and music videos. You can also play a wide range of in-flight games with the option of competing against your fellow passengers.

See what inflight movies are showing this month here.

Headphones are provided complimentary on all long haul flights. During our summer schedule there is a nominal charge on our EI 584 /585 service to Malaga.

Inflight Health and Comfort

Exercise Inflight

To enhance your comfort and help reduce the possible effects of long-duration flights:

  • Periodically exercise feet, legs, ankles, neck and shoulders.
  • Drink plenty of fluids but avoid alcohol.
  • Avoid sleeping tablets.

"Jet Lag"

  • Avoid heavy food, alcohol, tea or coffee the day before travel.
  • On board, wear loose fitting clothes and apply a good moisturiser.
  • See "Exercise Inflight" above for other tips.
  • On arrival adjust your activities gradually to the time zone. Try mild exercise.


Any passenger concerned about a medical condition should consult their doctor for advice.

Inflight Dining

Short Haul:

On all our European routes we offer a reasonably priced range of drinks and snacks. Our Bia offering includes hot beverages, muffins, biscuits, smoothies, soft drinks, spirits, beer and many more items for you to enjoy.

On morning flights we have our traditional breakfast available.

View more information about our short-haul meal service.


Long Haul:

On all our long haul flights we will provide you with a delicious meal, which is served free of charge. Our long haul meals are produced locally and only the highest quality ingredients are used. We also provide complimentary soft drinks and alcoholic beverages at reasonable prices.

Special Meal Requests

If you have a special dietary requirement for medical or religious reasons, or you may be travelling with small children, we can provide a suitable alternative meal, if this is requested sufficiently in advance of your flight - at least 24 hours in advance of your flight departure.

We offer a range of special meals on flights to and from the USA, see the list below. All of our special meals are prepared using the finest of ingredients and are balanced with the recommended intake of calories.

Regrettably we are unable to offer variations from these set menus and requests for specific items of food, made for personal preferences, cannot be accepted.

You can request a special meal, at the time of booking. If you forget to order when booking the flight, don't worry! You can add a special meal request as long as this is done at least 24 hours in advance of your flight departure. Simply contact your local Aer Lingus Reservations Office and they will be delighted to take the request (please ensure you have your booking reference number). Once on board the aircraft it is always a good idea to let the Cabin Crew know that you have ordered a special meal.

Aer Lingus recognises that some passengers are allergic to peanuts. Although we do not serve peanuts, there may be trace elements of unspecified peanut ingredients, including peanut oils, in meals and snacks. Additionally, other customers may bring peanuts on board. Therefore, we cannot guarantee customers will not be exposed to peanuts during flight and strongly encourage customers to take all necessary medical precautions to prepare for the possibility of exposure. We cannot offer a special meal that is nut-/peanut-free.

For contact details click here: Reservations Department.

Trip Tip: Note the 4-letter code in the table below. This is the standard airline code for particular special meals and you will see this appearing at different times during the course of your trip.

Type of MealCodeDescription
Childs Meal CHML If you are travelling with a small child, you may wish to order something that they will find more appealing.
Diabetic Meal DBML Our diabetic meals are prepared to facilitate passengers who may need to control their blood sugar levels. These meals exclude all sugars, syrups, jams, cakes and chocolate.
Gluten Intolerant Meal GFML The foods excluded in this type of meal are wheat, barley, oats and rye. Accordingly, we do not offer bread and pastries/cakes (unless wheat free) or any flour-based products.
*Kosher Meal KSML Our Kosher meals are prepared strictly in accordance with Jewish dietary laws.
Low Fat Meal LFML When preparing the low fat meal we minimise all foods with a high fat content.
Low Lactose LLML There are low levels of milk, cheese, cream, yoghurts or any other dairy product or derivative in our low lactose meal.
Low Salt LSML This meal is prepared using produce with no salt, MSG or baking powder/soda added during preparation.
Moslem Meal MOML A meal that does not contain pork, alcohol or derivatives of these products.
Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo Meal VLML The vegetarian lacto-ovo meal does not contain any meat, poultry, or seafood. It may, however, include dairy products such as milk, butter or cheese.
Vegetarian Vegan Meal VGML The vegan meal does not contain any dairy products, meat, poultry, or seafood.

*If you are travelling in our Business Class cabin your request for (KSML) must be done at least 48hrs prior to flight departure.

Inflight Service on Longhaul Flights

Business Class

Flights from Ireland

  • Pre departure champagne service
  • Bar service & hot canapes
  • Hot lunch service
  • Dessert & cheese service
  • Evening snack service

Flights to Ireland

  • Pre departure champagne service
  • Bar service
  • Hot dinner service
  • Duty Free

Economy Service

Flights from Ireland

  • Bar service
  • Hot lunch service with tea & coffee
  • Evening snack service

Flights to Ireland

  • Bar service
  • Hot dinner service with tea & coffee
  • Duty Free
  • Orange juice before landing (on ORD - continental breakfast)

Note: On Chicago and Orlando, we stock a limited supply of Sky Deli items for purchase.

Seatbelt Extension

Seat Belt extensions are available on all our aircraft. Passengers must advise Cabin Crew if they require a seat belt extension when boarding the aircraft.

The seat belt extension cannot be pre-booked. Passengers requiring a seat belt extension will be prohibited from sitting at an exit row.

Seating at Self-help Exits

Passengers who, because of their condition, might hinder other passengers during an evacuation, or who might impede the crew carrying out their duties shall not be allocated seats in an emergency exit row. Also, anyone who is considered incapable of operating or assisting with the operation of the exit shall be moved. The final responsibility rests with the operating Cabin Crew at the time of boarding.

The Categories are:

  • Persons with obvious physical or mental handicap, to the extent that they would have difficulty in moving quickly if asked to do so.
  • Persons with reduced mobility.
  • Persons who are substantially blind or deaf, to the extent that they might not be able to assimilate printed or verbal instructions given.
  • Persons who, because of age or sickness, are so frail that they may not be able to move quickly.
  • Persons with responsibility for the care of children or another passenger.
  • Children and infants under 14 (whether accompanied or not).
  • Expectant mothers in later stages of pregnancy.
  • Deportees or prisoners in custody.
  • Passengers whose physical size would prevent them from being able to move quickly in an emergency evacuation.
  • Persons with animals.

Sky Shopping

Our onboard retail experience offers passengers some of the most prestigious brands in fragrances, cosmetics, jewellery and gifts at discounted prices. Find out more in our Inflight Experience - Sky Shopping section.

Newspapers / Magazines

The Irish Independent and Sunday Independent newspapers are available to purchase on all our short haul and long haul routes to and from Dublin, Shannon and Cork. The Belfast Telegraph is available on all routes from Belfast. Our Cara Magazine and Sky Café/Sky Shopping magazines are available on board all flights complimentary.

Mail Order

Aer Lingus branded souvenirs are available through mail order. Payment by cheque or credit card can be sent to:

Mail Order Sales,
Aer Lingus In-flight Sales,
Catering Building, PA1 - 07
Dublin Airport

Please include €6 per item to cover post and handling. For queries regarding returns/refunds please contact or tel: 00353 1 8863906, fax: 353 1 8863520.

Methods of payment on board

  • Notes: We accept Euro, Sterling, Us Dollars and most major Euro Zone notes
  • Coinage: We only accept Euro and Sterling Coins
  • Credit Cards: We accept American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard and Visa. All payments are in Euro and there is a limit of €200 per passenger.
  • We accept Travellers Cheques when accompanied by Photo Id and are signed in the presence of cabin crew.

Returns Policy

We offer a one-year guarantee on all our Sky Shopping items. For queries regarding returns/refunds please contact or tel: 00353 1 8863906, fax: 353 1 8863520.

Smoking Onboard

In line with Irish Government regulations, Aer Lingus has a non smoking policy onboard it's flights. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the cabin at any time.

Use of Car Seat Onboard

  • Car type safety seats may be used by children aged between 6 months and less than 36 months - in order to accommodate a child aged 36 months or older in a car seat; the child must be within the size and weight limits for that seat and special IAA approval is required, please contact as soon as possible in advance of the flight.
  • Passengers may purchase a seat for the infant at the appropriate fare where the infant can sit in an approved, forward facing car seat provided by the passenger. The car seat must be restrained on the aircraft seat by the normal aircraft lap strap. Aer Lingus do not permit rearward facing car seats. The seat must be a purpose-designed children's car seat with a 5-point harness and must be of a type approved for use in motor vehicles and aircraft and bearing labels to this effect:

    U.S. – This must display an FAA sticker and must display these words. "Certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft".

    EUROPEAN - This must display a CE sticker and must display these words. "Certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft".
  • In order to ensure the car seat will fit into the aircraft seat please ensure the seat width does not exceed 17 inches (430mm).

Use of Electronic Devices Onboard

Portable electronic equipment may interfere with aircraft equipment, creating a potentially hazardous situation.

Unrestricted Use

  • Devices powered by micro battery cells or by solar cells.
  • Electric watches.
  • Hearing aids.
  • Pager (only receivers).
  • Heart Pacemakers.

Limited Use

(On the ground before the doors close or after doors opened)
  • Mobile Phones (except during refuelling).

Restricted Use

(Devices that are prohibited during Taxi, Take Off, Initial Climb, Approach and Landing)
  • Laptops with CD ROM or DVD drive.
  • Palmtop organisers.
  • Handheld calculators without printers.
  • Portable Audio Equipment (eg Walkman, CD player, Mini disc player, iPod, MP3-Player ) must have headsets.
  • Computer Games.
  • Video cameras and recorders.
  • Digital Cameras.
  • GPS handheld receivers.
  • Electric shavers.
  • Electronic Toys (remote control toys are prohibited).

Prohibited At All Times

  • Devices transmitting radio frequency intentionally.
  • Walkie Talkies.
  • Remote controlled toys.
  • Display units with cathode ray tubes.
  • Wireless computer equipment.
  • PC Printers.
  • CD writers and Mini Disc recorders in recording mode.
  • Portable stereo sets.
  • Pocket Radios.
  • TV receivers.
  • Telemetric Equipment.
  • Bluetooth devices and devices that use Blackberry technology.
  • The use of LAN (WLAN) is not permitted. Laptops with built in WLAN may be used during flight provided the WLAN is turned off and subject to the restrictions associated with the use of laptops as detailed above.

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