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Want to travel but can't decide on a destination?

If you want to travel but are not sure where to go, then this is the perfect way to find what you are looking for.

Whether it's a City Break, a Family Holiday or just some time away, simply select your departure airport, the dates you wish to travel and the type of the trip that you have in mind, e.g. City Break, and we'll give you a list of cities that you might be interested in.

Follow the simple steps below to plan your trip.

  • Select your departure city
  • Select your departure & return dates
  • Select your preferred trip type, e.g. City Break
  • Select a maximum price you wish to spend for each passenger
  • Select a number of passengers travelling.
  • Then click "Search"

You can filter the search results by using the slider for the maximum price per passenger.

Advanced Search will give you the options to filter the search results further by flight departure times and duration. Click 'Advanced Search' icon to get the advance filter options.

If you can't find results that match your search criteria, try a specific flight search or see the routemaps ( Europe   US   UK ).